Observing the Sabbath, Lord help me!

Don’t laugh but this is hard for me. I normally like to at least get something done each day. I understand the principle behind the Sabbath but it makes me nuts! I have to work at not working that day. I see so many things I want to do or need to do. As sure as I am sitting here, it seems to be the perfect weather to play in the dirt. Flowers need planting, trim bushes, or mow the yard! I have to watch myself to not do anything which is against every fiber of my being. I am getting better though, I sleep in late because with this covid mess you can’t go anywhere, at least I can’t because my husband is germophobic right now. I can only watch so much Tv or check out the internet. So I stay up for 4 hours then take a nap for another 2 hours. Now it’s supper time which consists of whatever you can find that doesn’t require cooking or dishwashing. I’ve made it till 7 pm now. I’m exhausted already from my rest period. Just 2 more hours and I can go back to bed again.

I don’t think that this is what God had in mind when he said to rest, but for now, it’s the best I can do. I’ll keep trying!

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