666, is it here?

Not completely. Is the technology there? You betcha! It’s been around for a couple of years. Those rice-sized implants that some companies use to allow their employees access to their buildings, it’s the start. A few changes to the implant and here we go.

Satan is smart, he should be, he’s been taking notes about humans for centuries. He knows he can’t just suddenly hit us with his plan all at once. The vaccine has taught many to be wary of anything going into their bodies. He has to do things in phases, with a bit of truth tossed in.

Like the vaccine, many will be standing in line when the doors open. Humans sometimes learn the hard way. Image the commercial. “No more digging around inside your purse or skinning your knuckles trying to fish out that wallet. Forget forging through a stack of cards for the needed information at the doctor’s office. You never have to worry about someone stealing your identity and you can stop paying for safety services. Have you ever found yourself fumbling for your car keys or house keys while in the dark. No problem, just swipe your hand over the device and wa la! No more cell phones to replace, you now are blue tooth enabled. Your family always know where you are. Kidnappers, you’re out of luck!

To receive this valuable asset, free of charge, drop by our office and sign our membership card. Your life will never be the same.

The vaccine has not been accepted because many are afraid of it. The same will hold true for anything new that is inserted into the body. The actions of our government have come close to taking food out of the mouths of many by making them choose the vaccine or no job. At present people can find another job. The antichrist will do the same but in a more demonic way. If you want the necessities of life you accept or you die.

People say.”I’ve heard this all my life, and the generation before me heard it and nothing happened. The end has to come at some point and this may be that time. Prepare your soul now while you still have the liberty to do it.

Please keep in mind this is just my thinking.

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