In the beginning, Trump was speaking, unlike a president. He was stepping into an unfamiliar role. Like a comedian whose life has been making people laugh, it carries over into their daily life. Often their personality rubs those without a sense of humor the wrong way. Does that turn these folks off from the comedian? The comedian’s way of looking at life crosses the line and offends the no nonsense folks.

Toward the end of his term, if you honestly watched, you can see the change in his personality. He became more presidential, but at the same time, he wasn’t going to be kissing butt either. By this time he had already irritated those who held a strong dislike for his former speech. No one in their right mind can say that he didn’t help every American with his policy changes. There was not one single person who can say they weren’t better off in one way or another!

His policies gave people the chance to grow, prosper, and protected Americans. His policies weren’t the issue. Those who voted for Bidden, was doing so on his “Good ole boy” personality. His policies are destructive to America but that’s ok as long as we get to watch this “Good ole boy” look and speak presidentially.

Those that hated Trump were in a sense judging the book by the cover. What was inside was life changing but many couldn’t get past the cover to appreciate the wisdom within!

Dr. House and Donald Trump

I know that Mr. Trump needs to be a bit more discipline in his tweets. I also know he has made life better for the world in many ways. When I watch the news I just want to smack them. They refuse to say one nice word or give him credit for his accomplishments. They twist his words and refuse to show his campaign ads. When Obama was in office I felt bad for him because it seemed that he was mistreated, but Trump has been treated the worse of any president in history.

I loved the series “House”! House is rude, crude, childlike at times, and stubborn. His bedside manners are horrible. However, he finds answers that normal thinking doctors overlook. His methods sound barbaric at times. Yet, at the end of the day, he has saved a life. He pushes the envelope to the edge and tilts it slightly. Hate Trump if you will but you can’t say he doesn’t provide the answer to the problem. His personality rubs everyone the wrong way but he gets the job done.