Why is praise so important to some?

There is none of us who don’t appreciate a thank you or a job well done. Most of us smile when we’re acknowledged but then soon forget about it, the good deed wasn’t done for a thank you, we’re just happy to help.

But, what makes some crave praise? Perhaps it’s the release of endorphins to the brain, that feel-good high. Could it be that there is more to it than endorphins? Maybe it’s something embedded in our souls?

When Adam and Eve sinned and were cast of the garden, Satan became the ruler of the earth. No matter what color your skin is or what language you speak, we are Adam and Eve’s descendants. We don’t have to be taught to want what we want, and we will find a way to get it! Children don’t need instructions to take toys from their friends, they want them and they take them. Praise takes work to get, it’s never free, something must be done for praise to be administered.

Praise is praise whether it’s for doing good or sometimes evil. Some people idolize murders, activists, politicians, doctors, lawyers and the list goes on. Who we praise depends on who we want to be like. Our heroes vary from person to person.

There is one person who is due all praise, Jesus Christ! Why is it so hard for people to give him praise? We don’t have a hard time lifting our voices to the musicians on the stage or the hero in our minds. But giving Jesus praise for all he has done for us seems so hard. A small whisper of his name, if he is lucky. We can’t seem to find time to lift our hands and exalt him but we can go out of our way to lift them when our team is winning as we shout their name.

Jesus didn’t die just so we would give him praise, he died so we could sit and talk with him, share our needs and desires. Like everyone else, Jesus smiles when we praise him for being himself. Full of mercy, forgiveness, love, and salvation. A day is soon coming when every hand shall be lifted to him. Either in praise or fear because judgment will come to all. The only two things you can never escape are death and taxes.

Incomplete gene.

I laugh when I hear people say, “God messed up with Adam so he made Eve! The more I deal with my kids, the more I believe that Adam or Eve had an incomplete gene. What part of do all the dishes isn’t clear? Rinse out the sink when you’re done with the dishes and wipe down the stove. Here is what I find, the dirty pans are still on the stove, the strainer is full of food and the stove was wiped down with a cold dishcloth. The grease is just smeared from one place to another.

In the beginning, I thought it was only boys who had this gene but I am hearing from other mothers that their daughters have it too. A friend of mine told her daughter to put the clothes in the dryer. The dryer was never turned on!

Husbands must carry this incomplete gene as well. My husband seems to think the dishwasher will empty itself. He normally cleans the kitchen on the weekends provided the dishwasher is empty. I’ve checked for teeth and my dishwasher has none!

This gene must have mutated from a complete one to half of one. I normally only get half of a job done around here. The phrase, “if a job is worth doing, do it right”, must have been said on one of those selective hearing days. With this said, I guess something is better than nothing, WRONG! Instead, I make the kid, go back and do it right. Sometimes a fight ensues but I am bound to win, where do my kids think they got their stubborn streak from?