What if you’re wrong?

Most of us strive to give our children the best we can. We kiss their boo boo’s and brag about their masterpieces. We teach them right from wrong and hope they grow into a tribute to humanity. We make sure all their needs are met, or do we?

Inside each of us an innate belief that there is more to life than just here today and gone tomorrow. That we just return to the earth and that is the end. We all put off thinking of death. It seems centries down the road. Our time here goes so quickly and if nature prevails we will leave our children behind. When you’re gone who will they lean on?

I know good people who refuse to believe in God. “This life is all there is,” they say. There are no miracles, and God is a fairy tale that has been handed down through the generations. Yet, when tragedy hits, God is the first name they cry out. This is the only time some children hear God’s name mentioned in their home.

Nature isn’t always dependable. Occasionally children greet death before parents. What if there is a God? What if there is an eternity?What if there is a judgment day? I hear people say, “God wouldn’t harshly judge a good person”. Would you open your home to a stranger? That’s what we are until we come to Jesus. When we spend time learning, talking, and honoring him, that’s a relationship. He knows us and we know him, we become part of his family tree.

My family is my greatest treasure. Preparing them for their future is always the right thing to do. I would rather be wrong here on earth than in the hereafter!

The mind of a murderer.

My mind can come up with some of the strangest thoughts when I lay down at night. I have no idea how I can go from decorating my home to murder. As I lay thinking last night, I wondered how someone can love their spouse today and murder them a few years later?

Is the murderer just looking for the perfect mate to insure heavily so they can earn their trust? The victim never sees it coming, the worst betrayal imaginable. Imagine seeing the person who you trusted with your life, now taking it! That last memory would be unbearable.

I wonder if the killer thinks about what they have done outside of taking a life. Was the soul of the victim ready to stand before God? Where will the victim spend eternity? What if the victim who could have been estranged from God, have found him, if their life hadn’t been taken today?

Greed, not money, is the root of all evil, and the evil has to be in the heart of the killer to decide that material things are more precious than life.