What if?

Do you think that any young mother ever thought that the child she carried would ever be a worldwide life-changer? The only mother that knew what their child would grow up to be was Mary. I’m not even sure she knew the exact details, perhaps had she known, it would be more than her heart could stand. She only knew that the child she carried was the Messiah that the world had waited for.

That child that you carry is a gift from God. For now, it’s a gift only to you and your family. What if that child you carry will be the one to find the cure for Pulmonary fibrosis, cancer, COPD, blindness, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and many more diseases. That bundle of flesh that many say isn’t even a child, it could be the next president, a biblical prophecy brought to life. The creator of something so spectacular that man cannot even imagine today, something to bring starvation, homelessness, even hatred to an end.

There is always a possibility of this, only if you choose life for that unexpected child. That child might cramp your lifestyle for a bit. What genius lies within a child can only be seen where there is life. Think hard and long on this, every life matters, even those you can’t see yet.

Does classic music make your baby more intelligent?

I am no doctor but I can tell you about my experience. I was almost 41 when my youngest son was born. My mother in law who was a music therapist in a nursing home encouraged me to play Mozart. I’d sit at my pc with headphones on my stomach with Mozart playing.

My baby lay quietly in my womb, no movement as long as the music was playing. Within a minute of the music going off, my stomach looked like a title wave. My friends would get tickled watching him trying to take out my kidneys!

By the time this little kidney kicker was in third grade he was reading at first-year college and had tested to the highest level. His vocabulary was excellent. I remember one day his grandpa took him to his house and within half an hour brought him home. I asked what happened, my son who was 2 said, “Papa is antagonizing me,” his grandpa said, “He started it!”

I can’t give Mozart all the glory, my firstborn which was 18 years earlier was extremely smart.  His teachers said “we can tell you talk to him all the time. He’s the only kindergarten kid that can have a conversation that isn’t a yes or no question.

It might be worth a try to play Mozart while you’re carrying your baby, who knows may there is something to it?