Are you ready for one world order?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Quantum finacial system. We are about to enter into a world of one currency. Banks will no longer exist, the money will be tracked and or should I say the new money. It will not be a paper bill anymore. It will be backed by gold and gold will no longer have an excessive value. Each country will be on the same playing grounds, none above the other so no need for wars. To watch the video click below.

More money than common sense!

What is wrong with people? They have already done one impeachment on false evidence now here they go again. They know that the impeachment isn’t legal and still they are pushing for it! Grabbing at straws to make a case where there is no case. I guess they are so used to spending other people’s money that they don’t use common sense. This is why we are so deep in debt!

Perhaps they are afraid Trump will run again in 2024. Perhaps they don’t want us average Joe’s getting ahead in life? Maybe it’s that Trump will clean the swap out and they will lose those nice benefits that we never receive. Could it be that fat paycheck that they get for working only a fraction of blue-collar workers?

Does classic music make your baby more intelligent?

I am no doctor but I can tell you about my experience. I was almost 41 when my youngest son was born. My mother in law who was a music therapist in a nursing home encouraged me to play Mozart. I’d sit at my pc with headphones on my stomach with Mozart playing.

My baby lay quietly in my womb, no movement as long as the music was playing. Within a minute of the music going off, my stomach looked like a title wave. My friends would get tickled watching him trying to take out my kidneys!

By the time this little kidney kicker was in third grade he was reading at first-year college and had tested to the highest level. His vocabulary was excellent. I remember one day his grandpa took him to his house and within half an hour brought him home. I asked what happened, my son who was 2 said, “Papa is antagonizing me,” his grandpa said, “He started it!”

I can’t give Mozart all the glory, my firstborn which was 18 years earlier was extremely smart.  His teachers said “we can tell you talk to him all the time. He’s the only kindergarten kid that can have a conversation that isn’t a yes or no question.

It might be worth a try to play Mozart while you’re carrying your baby, who knows may there is something to it?

What has happened?

Once there were young people as well as older folks who responded with respect to everyone. What happened? The role of parents were taken away and replaced by laws. We need laws to protect us but like everything, the rearing of children should be left to the parents. The Lord said, spare the rod and spoil the child. A switch isn’t going to kill them but once they are old enough to know about child abuse, the kids will use it as a threat.

I do NOT agree with child abuse but I do believe a parent should be able to tan a butt, take away privileges and set the rules of the home. My youngest son tried the, I’ll call the cops and tell them you abuussed me, he couldn’t say abused, he was too little. I said go ahead, I’ll come home tonight and you can go stay with strangers. He cried and said, “You won’t come get me?” I replied, they won’t let me,” that ended that!

The outlook of children and occasionally adults is that they are not responsible to anyone but themselves. I call this the “me syndrome”, it’s all about me and me alone! It’s time parent’s drag out the truth, that there are consequences for every action, good or bad. That truth, morals and respect for others, including our leaders isn’t an option, it’s what society expects!

God needs to be put back in his proper place of reverence. Until these things happen, the divide in America will continue.

Fighting for the right.

Some folks have lost their will to fight for what is right. Sometimes it’s from being labeled a traitor for disagreeing. They are bashed for expressing their views, questioned for their reasoning. Voices from the other side have no problem pointing out that we should just accept the outcome. Many only hear free, everything is free. There is no such thing as free, there is always a catch, and this time it involves surrendering our freedom and prosperity.

Where is God’s part in the choices of who leads our nation? Does he want someone willing to shed innocent blood? No, not at all! He wants someone who will protect the unborn.

Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are a heritage and a gift from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Jesus Blesses Little Children

Mathew 19

13 Then children were brought to Jesus so that He might place His hands on them [for a blessing] and pray; but the disciples reprimanded them.14 But He said, “Leave the children alone, and do not forbid them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”15 After placing His hands on them [for a blessing], He went on from there.

Is your choice for leaders based on God’s preferences or your own? I was asked if I thought the ancestors of the families that Hitler killed would feel differently. I read up on Hitler and his childhood was racked with abuse. Not every mother is going to abuse her child and many children have grown up to give wonderful blessings and knowledge to the world.