Are you awake?

I am amazed at the advances in CGI and holograms. They say you can’t be in two places at once but they are so wrong! The new technology can make a new you a thousand miles away from where you are right now. No blimps, no green screens, no pixilation, there’s no way to detect that it isn’t real! It’s a good idea not to tick off a programmer; you might find yourself robbing a bank while you’re taking a bath!

The old saying “believes half of what you see and none of what you hear is so true now.”

Do we know if the government officials we are seeing are real or fake? Is the dog barking the loudest the guilty one? Is what we hear on the news true or is it a cover-up for the lies that the government is feeding us? The answers can’t be found on the local T.V. channels, you have to search high and low to dig beneath the tons of BS that they are feeding us.

Today’s sanity isn’t sane at all, right is wrong, and wrong is right according to those who want to put us in our place. If you have any morals or believe in God then you are an enemy of the government even though many of them would say it isn’t true. Actions speak louder than words. You are not moving forward they say, I have no desire to go off the deep end, I’m allergic to cliffs!

Unearthed treasures.

If you like an emotional rollercoaster ride you should watch hidden figures.  It was black ladies who put our first man in space. They did what IBM computers couldn’t. Each time they were mistreated I felt sad and angry and wanted to smack someone.  When they had a victory I smiled and felt they deserved even better. My heart was filled with excitment!

I have never understood the past actions of segregation.  We are all related because of Adam and Eve. We are the same but fear of each other has caused uncalled-for suspicions.  Not all whites are out to hurt others and the same goes for other ethnic groups.  I think for the most part people desire peace, friendship, and love but before this treasure can be unearthed we have to bury the past.

What if you’re wrong?

Most of us strive to give our children the best we can. We kiss their boo boo’s and brag about their masterpieces. We teach them right from wrong and hope they grow into a tribute to humanity. We make sure all their needs are met, or do we?

Inside each of us an innate belief that there is more to life than just here today and gone tomorrow. That we just return to the earth and that is the end. We all put off thinking of death. It seems centries down the road. Our time here goes so quickly and if nature prevails we will leave our children behind. When you’re gone who will they lean on?

I know good people who refuse to believe in God. “This life is all there is,” they say. There are no miracles, and God is a fairy tale that has been handed down through the generations. Yet, when tragedy hits, God is the first name they cry out. This is the only time some children hear God’s name mentioned in their home.

Nature isn’t always dependable. Occasionally children greet death before parents. What if there is a God? What if there is an eternity?What if there is a judgment day? I hear people say, “God wouldn’t harshly judge a good person”. Would you open your home to a stranger? That’s what we are until we come to Jesus. When we spend time learning, talking, and honoring him, that’s a relationship. He knows us and we know him, we become part of his family tree.

My family is my greatest treasure. Preparing them for their future is always the right thing to do. I would rather be wrong here on earth than in the hereafter!

Why does dressing modestly matter?

Most parents shield their children from the evil in the world.  They surround them with people they know are safe. They give their children the best they can, so they fit in. What eludes us is the fact that we won’t be there when they get older. We can’t choose their friends or where they go.

So, what does this have to do with modest dressing?  The bible is a security Blanket even When we don’t see it that way. Hormones Are controlling,  in both male and females. When the eyes see long slender legs, a low neck top, thigh high dress or shorts and sparkling eyes two things happen,  lust kicks in and adrenaline rushes to the brain.

That mini skirt or short shorts has just caused someone to commit adultery in their heart and made the young lady a target for the emotionally charged viewer. A modest dressed young lady can be beautiful with less chance of harm. It’s like two young ladies walking side by side. One is counting hundred dollar bills the other is counting one-dollar bills. Who will draw the most attention?

What if?

Do you think that any young mother ever thought that the child she carried would ever be a worldwide life-changer? The only mother that knew what their child would grow up to be was Mary. I’m not even sure she knew the exact details, perhaps had she known, it would be more than her heart could stand. She only knew that the child she carried was the Messiah that the world had waited for.

That child that you carry is a gift from God. For now, it’s a gift only to you and your family. What if that child you carry will be the one to find the cure for Pulmonary fibrosis, cancer, COPD, blindness, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and many more diseases. That bundle of flesh that many say isn’t even a child, it could be the next president, a biblical prophecy brought to life. The creator of something so spectacular that man cannot even imagine today, something to bring starvation, homelessness, even hatred to an end.

There is always a possibility of this, only if you choose life for that unexpected child. That child might cramp your lifestyle for a bit. What genius lies within a child can only be seen where there is life. Think hard and long on this, every life matters, even those you can’t see yet.


In the beginning, Trump was speaking, unlike a president. He was stepping into an unfamiliar role. Like a comedian whose life has been making people laugh, it carries over into their daily life. Often their personality rubs those without a sense of humor the wrong way. Does that turn these folks off from the comedian? The comedian’s way of looking at life crosses the line and offends the no nonsense folks.

Toward the end of his term, if you honestly watched, you can see the change in his personality. He became more presidential, but at the same time, he wasn’t going to be kissing butt either. By this time he had already irritated those who held a strong dislike for his former speech. No one in their right mind can say that he didn’t help every American with his policy changes. There was not one single person who can say they weren’t better off in one way or another!

His policies gave people the chance to grow, prosper, and protected Americans. His policies weren’t the issue. Those who voted for Bidden, was doing so on his “Good ole boy” personality. His policies are destructive to America but that’s ok as long as we get to watch this “Good ole boy” look and speak presidentially.

Those that hated Trump were in a sense judging the book by the cover. What was inside was life changing but many couldn’t get past the cover to appreciate the wisdom within!

It’s our money!

Where does Washington get its money? Whose money is it? Why are they taking our money and giving it to other countries? Our own people are starving, jobless, losing their life savings, losing their business, can’t afford their medication and homeless!

Afghanistan ($4.89 billion), Israel ($3.3 billion),Jordan ($1.72 billion), Egypt($1.46 billion), Iraq ($960 billion),Ethiopia ($922 million),

Yemen ($809 million), Colombia ($800 million), Nigeria ($793 million)

Lebanon ($790 million).

Multiple foundations are pleading for donations.

Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled American Veterans, Hope for the Warriors

Meals on wheels, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Unicef

Feeding America hungry, Feed the children, No kid hungry

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, First Responders Children’s Foundation Emergency and the list goes on.

Goodness, how about a novel idea? Use it to pay off the government’s debt! As dad always said, take care of your family before you take care of others. Share what’s leftover with those in need.

The shape of my mind.

Have you ever wondered why certain people stay in your memory that normally you wouldn’t think about? Those whose’s mear name makes your blood boil to those who were briefly in your life over the years? Then some only pop in on rare occasions that were in your life for a long period of time?

There is something about the mind that kicks into overdrive once I close my eyes to sleep. A flood of events and memories that during the day, never appear. Some of them so subtle I can’t recall the name of the person or what they look like. Still there they are for a brief moment in the dark of night.

Memories often have a way of making me say to myself, “Who was that person, I don’t recognize them,” even though I know it was me but now it feels like it was someone else!  It seems like a dream that I keep remembering but some of the parts are missing. Though I feel like something is missing, I can see how they have shaped me into who I am now.

All memories aren’t going to be good but if you use them to steer you in the right direction, even good can come from bad. If you let them push you around and control you, the road is going to be bumpy. Learning how to use the bad to your benefit isn’t easy, but it can be done with a little bit of stubbornness thrown in.  It takes all the memories to mold us for tomorrow, create a one of a kind mold starting today!

The mind of a murderer.

My mind can come up with some of the strangest thoughts when I lay down at night. I have no idea how I can go from decorating my home to murder. As I lay thinking last night, I wondered how someone can love their spouse today and murder them a few years later?

Is the murderer just looking for the perfect mate to insure heavily so they can earn their trust? The victim never sees it coming, the worst betrayal imaginable. Imagine seeing the person who you trusted with your life, now taking it! That last memory would be unbearable.

I wonder if the killer thinks about what they have done outside of taking a life. Was the soul of the victim ready to stand before God? Where will the victim spend eternity? What if the victim who could have been estranged from God, have found him, if their life hadn’t been taken today?

Greed, not money, is the root of all evil, and the evil has to be in the heart of the killer to decide that material things are more precious than life.

What good old days?

Exactly what does that mean, the good ole days? When you were younger, slimmer, and physically fit? Those things were wonderful but life was harder for most of us then. We were chasing our toddlers, living on a shoestring budget, and trying to balance work with family. To keep up with the Jone’s we got our self in debt so deep that there seems no way out. Daily we hoped that nothing broke down because replacing it would mean letting another bill go unpaid that month.

The age of 50 seemed to be the magic number when things begin to settle down. You have learned to use what you have till it wears out completely. That new item that excites you today, soon loses it thrill as you pay the monthly payment. That having some money saved for repairs and emergencies is a must. That second hand isn’t taboo and as long as it serves the purpose is all that matters, one payment and it’s yours. This is the time when you realize that retirement is just around the corner and you begin to prepare for it.

Once an adult, twice a child is so true. You soon return to being a caregiver for your parents. It can be a challenge since they still see themselves as adults and don’t want to accept that time has taken its toll. They sometimes rebel at your stepping in, it’s understandable since their independence is slipping away. That is extremely hard for them to accept!

The truth is that the good ole days were a time when we were young and still at home. What we are truly trying to capture is our childhood. We didn’t have a care in the world. Everything looked rossey, the air was fresher, the sky bluer and sleep came without effort.