Dear diary, a mother and soldier’s thoughts.

Dear diary,

I can’t tell him how my heart is breaking or how every night ends with prayers and tears. It’s been eight months since my baby boy was shipped overseas.  My life revolves around the fear of “that,” phone call or knock on the door. The T.V.  is always on the world news and going to the mailbox is disappointing.

Dear diary,

I wish I could tell mom I’m afraid that I’ll never see her again. Comrades lay on either side of me who will return home in a box. I’d love to climb into a nice clean bed instead of swatting bugs and laying on wet ground. Keeping my family and friends safe is what makes my circumstances bearable. I hope mom doesn’t wrap her life in worry for me, so my world is coated in deception to protect her heart and mind.

I use to hear about war or veterans and think death. Some wars should have never have happened, but they did! Recently I saw a war movie based on a true story. I realized it was about so much more. It was about love, compassion, comradery, tears, prayers, and self-sacrifice. Soldiers are a special breed, they are self-sacrificing. They enter the service knowing they could lose their life at any time. That takes more than courage, that takes love for their county.

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