Conspiracy or truth?

Who are the crazy ones?

I do a lot of research on things going on in the world today. I am finding that unless it’s seen on the T.V. it’s not true according to some family members. I’ve become a conspiracy theorist according to a few. I hate lies, I hate being feed crap and there is tons of it. I call these folks disabled by the ostrich illness. They would rather stick their head in the sand than face the truth. It is true that if you look at any browser owned by a select group, you won’t find these articles. According to them, the vaccine is the greatest thing since sliced bread. There is no reason for anyone to be excited, shocked, or scared with what is coming soon. But you will because the media isn’t going to let you know what is happening.

I’m not talking about the mark of the beast, not yet, but the technology is closer than you think. But for now, we are still able to get right with God, but don’t wait to long. That last breath could come at any time.

Vaccines are full of synthetic items from metal slivers, graphite oxide, and even some form of parasite ( Trypanosoma cruzi ). The doctors are coming out in groves to warn people. They are risking their lives and livelihood, what for? I doubt it is to have a few minutes in the spotlight on social media. You know the government isn’t going to let them on T.V. Take a moment and watch these video’s it may scare you but you need to know.

Lawyer showing the real numbers of deaths..public knowledge if you look for it.

Jim Jordan says he can prove Fauci LIED


Think Covid wasn’t planned? Watch this!

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