Today your guns, tomorrow your bible.

The government thinks taking your guns will solve the crime issue. Seriously? It would take a fool to believe that the criminals are so stupid they won’t find a way to get a gun. What does the government think the lawful citizens are going to do when someone breaks into their home, hide behind the door, jump out and holler boo? I am sure that is going to work!

The cancel culture acts as if they never heard of the constitution. They act as though it is ONLY a piece of old paper of no use. Those who have been in government since the beginning of time have joined in with the “No common sense cancel culture group.” Perhaps they are trying to hold on to their youth and go with the flow? They make up new rules as they go whether or not they are legal. The constitution, like God, is being replaced by the opinion of the deceitful self-servicing elite. Money talks loudly, drowning out the will of the people!

The books our children grew up reading has now been deemed unacceptable and offensive. They have knit picked everything to death and whine about everything! To those with common sense, their reaction is immature.

There is a treasure that is most likely covered in dust bunnies. It’s called the bible, and it’s a treasure that may soon disappear. Christians are being criticized in society today. When they go after our bibles, they take your guide to understanding God’s will. Many think that saying a short prayer is all they need to make it to heaven. That’s like saying, “A stranger is welcome in my house anytime they want!” Why would you think God’s going to invite an acquaintance into his home? Now if your child wanted to come in, they would be welcome. You know your children, they are not an acquaintance!

When the government comes after the Bible, they won’t care who gets hurt. They want God out of the picture and nothing will stop them! The constitution will once again be trampled and new rules will supersede the wisdom of our forefathers.

While it’s still legal, consume God’s word!