What if it was all part of the plan?

1: Joe Biden hid out while Trump had rallies of thousands. How could Joe win? Why are they afraid to let him answer the reporter’s questions? Why do they hand pick the ones to pick from if he answers questions? Why do they panic when he goes off-script? His declining health was apparent even before the election. Who is handling Joe? Why hasn’t there been a doctor called in to evaluate Joe’s mental condition? Who do they think they are fooling? We can see that there is a sudden change in Joe from one moment to the next. Could this just be an act?

2: Harris and Biden weren’t friends, so why would he pick her as vice president?She is a total failure so far. What has she done? She is always missing in action. Why would anyone think she could replace the president and do a better job?

3: Is the plan to make so many mistakes that the people want them out of office?

4: If they are both sent packing, who gains the presidential roll?

5: Who is arrogant enough, selfish enough, and deceptive enough to put this in motion?

Just thinking out loud.