Why does dressing modestly matter?

Most parents shield their children from the evil in the world.  They surround them with people they know are safe. They give their children the best they can, so they fit in. What eludes us is the fact that we won’t be there when they get older. We can’t choose their friends or where they go.

So, what does this have to do with modest dressing?  The bible is a security Blanket even When we don’t see it that way. Hormones Are controlling,  in both male and females. When the eyes see long slender legs, a low neck top, thigh high dress or shorts and sparkling eyes two things happen,  lust kicks in and adrenaline rushes to the brain.

That mini skirt or short shorts has just caused someone to commit adultery in their heart and made the young lady a target for the emotionally charged viewer. A modest dressed young lady can be beautiful with less chance of harm. It’s like two young ladies walking side by side. One is counting hundred dollar bills the other is counting one-dollar bills. Who will draw the most attention?

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