The shape of my mind.

Have you ever wondered why certain people stay in your memory that normally you wouldn’t think about? Those whose’s mear name makes your blood boil to those who were briefly in your life over the years? Then some only pop in on rare occasions that were in your life for a long period of time?

There is something about the mind that kicks into overdrive once I close my eyes to sleep. A flood of events and memories that during the day, never appear. Some of them so subtle I can’t recall the name of the person or what they look like. Still there they are for a brief moment in the dark of night.

Memories often have a way of making me say to myself, “Who was that person, I don’t recognize them,” even though I know it was me but now it feels like it was someone else!  It seems like a dream that I keep remembering but some of the parts are missing. Though I feel like something is missing, I can see how they have shaped me into who I am now.

All memories aren’t going to be good but if you use them to steer you in the right direction, even good can come from bad. If you let them push you around and control you, the road is going to be bumpy. Learning how to use the bad to your benefit isn’t easy, but it can be done with a little bit of stubbornness thrown in.  It takes all the memories to mold us for tomorrow, create a one of a kind mold starting today!

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