What has happened?

Once there were young people as well as older folks who responded with respect to everyone. What happened? The role of parents were taken away and replaced by laws. We need laws to protect us but like everything, the rearing of children should be left to the parents. The Lord said, spare the rod and spoil the child. A switch isn’t going to kill them but once they are old enough to know about child abuse, the kids will use it as a threat.

I do NOT agree with child abuse but I do believe a parent should be able to tan a butt, take away privileges and set the rules of the home. My youngest son tried the, I’ll call the cops and tell them you abuussed me, he couldn’t say abused, he was too little. I said go ahead, I’ll come home tonight and you can go stay with strangers. He cried and said, “You won’t come get me?” I replied, they won’t let me,” that ended that!

The outlook of children and occasionally adults is that they are not responsible to anyone but themselves. I call this the “me syndrome”, it’s all about me and me alone! It’s time parent’s drag out the truth, that there are consequences for every action, good or bad. That truth, morals and respect for others, including our leaders isn’t an option, it’s what society expects!

God needs to be put back in his proper place of reverence. Until these things happen, the divide in America will continue.

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