The mind of a murderer.

My mind can come up with some of the strangest thoughts when I lay down at night. I have no idea how I can go from decorating my home to murder. As I lay thinking last night, I wondered how someone can love their spouse today and murder them a few years later?

Is the murderer just looking for the perfect mate to insure heavily so they can earn their trust? The victim never sees it coming, the worst betrayal imaginable. Imagine seeing the person who you trusted with your life, now taking it! That last memory would be unbearable.

I wonder if the killer thinks about what they have done outside of taking a life. Was the soul of the victim ready to stand before God? Where will the victim spend eternity? What if the victim who could have been estranged from God, have found him, if their life hadn’t been taken today?

Greed, not money, is the root of all evil, and the evil has to be in the heart of the killer to decide that material things are more precious than life.

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