What good old days?

Exactly what does that mean, the good ole days? When you were younger, slimmer, and physically fit? Those things were wonderful but life was harder for most of us then. We were chasing our toddlers, living on a shoestring budget, and trying to balance work with family. To keep up with the Jone’s we got our self in debt so deep that there seems no way out. Daily we hoped that nothing broke down because replacing it would mean letting another bill go unpaid that month.

The age of 50 seemed to be the magic number when things begin to settle down. You have learned to use what you have till it wears out completely. That new item that excites you today, soon loses it thrill as you pay the monthly payment. That having some money saved for repairs and emergencies is a must. That second hand isn’t taboo and as long as it serves the purpose is all that matters, one payment and it’s yours. This is the time when you realize that retirement is just around the corner and you begin to prepare for it.

Once an adult, twice a child is so true. You soon return to being a caregiver for your parents. It can be a challenge since they still see themselves as adults and don’t want to accept that time has taken its toll. They sometimes rebel at your stepping in, it’s understandable since their independence is slipping away. That is extremely hard for them to accept!

The truth is that the good ole days were a time when we were young and still at home. What we are truly trying to capture is our childhood. We didn’t have a care in the world. Everything looked rossey, the air was fresher, the sky bluer and sleep came without effort.

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